May 2, 2012

 Letter to the Editor;

            We the people of the United States, (no Corporations) in order to promote our general welfare – do ordain and establish this Constitution.  1787.

            Article I Section 8 – The Congress shall have the power: 1) to collect taxes, 2) to provide for the general welfare of the United States.

3) to establish post offices and post roads.  Even conservatives should support our constitution.  “General Welfare” is mentioned twice in the first Article.  Congress should levy taxes to provide Social Security, Medicare, unemployment pay, health care (prevention) for Women, food stamps for the general welfare of children, highways, water, clean air, clean ground, a living wage, a safe place to work, a nice place to live, and electricity, protected bank deposits and postal service.

            Since 1933, and until 1981, Congress has provided for our “General Welfare”.  Since 1981, Corporations have controlled Congress, intending to end the above benefits Congress has provided for our “general welfare”.

            It is beyond denial that the corporations who profit from us do not want to provide for our “general welfare”.  They refuse to pay a decent wage to the workers that make them rich.  Corporate monopolies have removed competition in our market place allowing them to set prices.  They charge outrageous interest.

            Hey, why shouldn’t our government provide for our “general welfare”?  Answer me that, you constitution buffs.  The constitution says it should.  Levy taxes, pay for postal service, pay for our General Welfare.  Plain language.


                                                                        Colonel George Day

                                                                        2401 Good Shepherd Dr.

                                                                        Brownwood, TX 76801