The homemaking building of the Brown County Youth Fair complex was filled Friday with rare rifles, shotguns, hand guns, and western and hunting items, and a host of bidders are expected to arrive this morning for two days of buying.

Storey & Associates of Brownwood will conduct the auction that largely contains items from the collection of Walter and Ruth Franklin of Llano County. Walter Franklin died in 2009 at the age of 90, and his widow has “has asked Storey & Associates to auction his collection to the highest bidders so that others may enjoy his treasures,” Henry Storey, auctioneer, said.

“There are things in the collection I’ve heard about, but have never seen,” Storey said earlier this week.

Included are two blunderbusses and Kentucky flint locks, all in excellent condition, and a large antique padlock collection. Hunting items, western items, Winchesters, Colts, primitives, a 1800s donkey cart and hand carved and painting collectibles are also featured.

Added to the Franklin collection auction are items from another old collection, as well as other items from a local estate and a living estate.

The majority of the items are rare and hard to find, Storey said.

Detailed information about the items is available by email at or