Brownwood police have no suspects in Saturday's crime in which an unattended vehicle with its engine running — with a 20-month-old child inside — was stolen and quickly abandoned in the Hastings parking lot. Surveillance video showed no useable information, Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said.

In video from the Wonderland Tobacco Shop, 507 N. Center, the stolen 2004 Nissan Exterra can be seen briefly as it travels north on Center and turns into the Hastings parking lot. Fuller said the video so far has no value in helping solve the crime, although police will send the video to the state crime lab in Austin to "see if they can do anything with it."

Police saw surveillance video from Hastings, the but camera was aimed at the return box and did not show the suspect, Fuller said.

"There's just a lot of rumors … detectives are still working on information that they're receiving, trying to validate rumors," Fuller said.

Lacy Lunceford, 28, told the Bulletin earlier that she had left her napping son, Landry, in his car seat with the motor running while she ran in to drop something off at her sister's house on Vincent. When she came back outside, her vehicle was gone.

Lunceford called 9-1-1, and within 15 minutes, by 6:33 p.m., the Xterra had been located in the Hastings parking lot. The suspect had abandoned the vehicle, leaving the engine and air conditioner running.

“Whoever took the car must have realized pretty quickly the child was there, and left it at Hastings,” Fuller said earlier.