The Brownwood Art Association kicks off its 2012-2013 year with an artist's talk and demonstration featuring Bob Stuth-Wade from Dublin.

An artist most of his life, Stuth-Wade said his work has evolved through a period of pure abstraction to almost hyper-realism and back to a state closer to representational expressionism. Critics say the artist's work is powerful, as proven by his works showing the majesty of Big Bend National Park, the Texas Gulf Coast and the Central Texas region Stuth-Wade calls home.

The smell of wet grass, sleeping on the ground and watching the sky as it fills up with stars are just few of the things Stuth-Wade said that inspires him.

The art talk and demonstration will be at 1:30 p.m. at The Art Center, 215 Fisk Ave.

There is no admission charge for the demonstration, and the community is encouraged to come and meet the artist and watch his demonstration.

“It is a rare opportunity for all from a very gifted artist,” said BAA President Melanie Naylor.

Stuth-Wade has lived in Dublin for three decades, Naylor said, but in 2011 he served as a visiting professor at Baylor University, was honored with an exhibition of his watercolors and paintings at the San Angelo Museum of Art, as well as a retrospective exhibition of his works at the Grace Museum in Abilene. Another honor was receiving an Arts Fellowship with the Ballinglen Arts Foundation Ballycastle, North County Mayo, Republic of Ireland in 2006. The Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden in Dallas has represented Stuth-Wade since 1991.