“Today I feel great,” a 32-year-old recovering alcoholic named Tim, mic in hand, told the nearly 100 people gathered for the Center for Life Resources very first Wellness and Recovery Walk and Picnic in the Park.

The majority of Tim's audience knew what he was talking about. They all knew where he had come from.

Tim had come from an addictive lifestyle that landed him in jail lots of times, in rehab more than a few. More times than he can count, Tim said, he'd waked up and not had any idea how he'd gotten there or what had happened to cause his injuries.

Recovery hadn't been his idea, he said. Quitting drinking hadn't been even the slightest priority for him. Yet somehow, Tim had imagined that someday it would all work out, that everything would be OK.

Saturday he repeated the notion of what counselors had repeated to him hundreds of time.

“If you're expecting a different outcome, you can't really keep on doing what you're doing.”

Tim said it with belief and conviction.

CFLR Executive Director Dion White said Saturday's event was a celebration, and a very successful one.

“We're all leaving here feeling inspired, just feeling good,” White said. “We appreciate the testimonies of all those who spoke. This is a great celebration.”

September is National Recovery Month, and a day in the park playing games, eating hot dogs and simply enjoying the day and the visiting seemed like a great way to celebrate and kick off the month, White said.