Commissioners general agreement of “things are OK for now” gives residents in rural parts of the county another week free of a burn ban.

A burn ban consideration will be on the commissioners court agenda again next week, because conditions are such that the need can change from week-to-week.

But, as happens each week when the agreement is to not reinstate the ban, residents are encouraged to exercise “extreme caution.”

Landowners planning a controlled burn are asked to contact their commissioner so that if passers-by see smoke and report a fire, there will be a record of whether or not it is a controlled burn. Also, if on the day of the planned burn there are windy weather conditions, the control burn should be cancelled.

Commissioners did vote to approve three returning members of the Brown County Child Welfare Board. Sherry Clark, who has served on the board since 2005, Susan Gilger, on the board since 2009, and Jessie Austin, who joined the board since January of 2011, all agreed to continue to serve until Sept. 30, 2015.

Kitty Cavanaugh, chair of the child welfare board, said two members would not be returning to the board, so there are two openings. However, Cavanaugh said, one person has submitted an application and her background check is being processed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

In its most complicated consideration of the day, commissioners approved budget amendments that will pay temporary election employees out of the general fund, because, the Title 19 funds that were paying the salaries have been exhausted.

Suzy Young, elections administrator, explained that normally in election years, the run-off elections were held well before the end of July, but that was not the case this year. Primary run-offs were July 31, and that had used up the Title 19 funds. Had the primary been earlier, paperwork would have been completed and the reimbursement paid for elections would have been received.

Because of the national election Nov. 6, auditor Nina Cox said, “We don't have any choice but to pay out of the general fund.”

Also Monday, commissioners approved:

• an $8,000 expenditure for fuel for Precinct 3;

• the purchase of a light bar for Precinct 1 Constable Bob Beadel's vehicle for $996.94 plus approximately $50 freight. Beadel said money was available in the equipment account. Also the 13-year-old bar with the burned out strobe will likely be used on another county road work vehicle because the flashing lights still work.