Here is a list of the names drawn Wednesday evening to compete in Hands-on-a-House 2012.

Contest officials drew 25 and three alternates, as there are always a few who drop out the first day. The winner will receive the Hunter’s Cabin built by Johnny Cantwell.

For the first time, the contest will also have a big second prize — a Hunting Blind.

The Grand Kickoff and introduction of contestants will at 5 p.m. on Friday at the cabin.

Contestants will also be seen in the parade on Saturday.... temporarily with hands on a “rope” instead of the house!

A costume contest will be held Saturday evening from 7 to 8 p.m. with the remaining contestants. Passersby will be able to vote on the best costume and support their contestant of choice, and the contestant with the best costume will win an extra 30-minute break.

A food drive is also being held, where fans can support their contestant with non-perishable donations (or monetary) and the contestant collecting the most food items during the event will win a break on Saturday night/Sunday morning.   The contestant who also shows up at the kick-off with the most food at the “start” of the contest will win a 30-minute break.

Here are our contestants:

Karen Karnes -  Brownwood

Beverly Weedon  -  Brownwood

Beulah Johnson  -  Brownwood

Christopher Cantu  -  Brownwood

Shawn Merkle -  Brownwood

Chance Hill - Blanket

Bobby Fields  -  Brownwood

Todd Lewis -  Brownwood

Cody Cornell  -  Brownwood

Bryan Burt  -  Brownwood

Cody Crouch -  Brownwood

Ricky Dixon - May

Christina Hodge - Blanket

Mark Johnson - Brownwood

Lee Ischy -  Brownwood

Ashley Roberts -  Brownwood

Chuck Gebhardt -  Brownwood

Tracy Ebarb - Early

David Heath -  Brownwood

Maricela Cantu -  Brownwood

Nathan Way -  Brownwood

Karl Blackwell -  Brownwood

Olga Castillo -  Brownwood

Freddie Aguirre -  Brownwood

Levi Karnes  -  Brownwood

Rhonda Trobaugh - Bangs

Jeina Hooker -  Brownwood

Karen Owen - Bangs

Contest sponsors this year are:

COLDWELL BANKER, Mark Campbell & Associates

TEXAS BANK - Mortgage

LANDMARK LIFE Insurance Company