BANGS Bangs Middle School teachers and students did not know the purpose of a mid-morning assembly Tuesday as they gathered in the school's gym.

They found out after the assembly began.

Wal-Mart manager Richard Russell, accompanied by other management team members Debbie Deal and Nora Phelps, were there to present 20 of the school's teachers with $50 reward cards to purchase classroom supplies, as part of the company's Teacher Rewards program.

The guests from Wal-Mart drew teachers' names and read each name, prompting shouts and cheers from students as each teacher walked to the middle of the gym to receive a reward card.

"We're here today to recognize your teachers for all of the hard work they do all year long," Russell told the students.

The teachers who received the reward cards were:

Kelly MacDaniel, Sheri Williams, Michelle Massey, Niki Holt, Jama Cutbirth, Cillena Guthrie, Gretchen Colyer, Gina McDonald, Suzy Traweek, Tamara Minshew, Suzanne Cofresi, Linda Foster, Kimberly Brooke, Ben Landry, Kelly Gilbert, Monte Gothard, Colleen Westfall, Derek Sokolosky, Rebecca Trump and Erwyn Wilcoxen.