BALLINGER– The local Masonic Lodge, located at 500 N. Broadway, is celebrating 125 years of service to the local community and the State of Texas. Ballinger Masonic Lodge 643 received its charter on December 17, 1886. Since that time, the Lodge has been active in supporting local and statewide initiatives that, primarily, are directed toward children.

Over the most recent years, the major local projects supported include scholarships to graduates of Ballinger and Winters High Schools, the Ballinger City Park Boards effort to purchase new playground equipment for the Ballinger City Park, Ballinger Senior Citizens Center and Ballinger Child Protective Services.

Masons, statewide, have enjoyed a long history of supporting public education in Texas. This history began before Texas became a State in 1845. Many of the leaders of the Republic of Texas that wrote the first Constitution of Texas were Masons and they were instrumental in including a public education system that was State funded in some of the first laws that were passed in building the Republic.

This public education priority has continued over the years, especially projects that deal with the teaching of reading to students.

On Saturday, September 29, the Lodge will host a public reception at the Lodge at 2 p.m. The special guest will be Grand Master James F. Brumit, the elected leader of all Masons in Texas. Grand Master Brumit will present the Lodge a certificate for 125 years of service. Refreshments will be served and the public is invited to attend.