EARLY — Records are made to be broken, and an Early High School junior will attempt to shatter one Friday night during halftime of the Early-Bangs football game.

Early’s Tim Wade expects to set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark for consecutive back handsprings, which was established earlier this month by Miranda Ferguson of The Hockaday School in Dallas.

Ferguson flipped 35 times on video and with two Guinness Book of World Records officials on site. On a whim this past Friday at the Early-Grape Creek football game, Wade executed 37 standing back handsprings in a row.

“It’s going to feel awesome breaking the record,” Wade said. “I know I can do it, I did 37 last Friday. At halftime I’ll probably go for 40 or as many as I can. Holding the record will be awesome and I’ll have that to put on my college resumé.”

Early superintendent Brett Koch brought up the record to Wade’s father, Robert, as well as Tim, and encouraged Friday night’s effort at the Grape Creek football game.

“We’ve never looked into the consecutive back handsprings record until Mr. Koch told us about it being on the news,” Tim Wade said. “When I heard 35 was the record I knew I could beat it. I didn’t say I could beat it going in because I was a little bit nervous.”

Added Robert Wade, “In my head, I thought 35 was not that much of a challenge for an athlete like Tim. He had never done that many before, and during the game the superintendent yelled out and told him to break the record.

“He wasn’t on the field, he was actually on the track and got the cheerleaders to clear out of the way and he ended up doing 37 with the cheerleaders and crowd counting and cheering him on. He started running out of room and making the curve on the track, so he had to decide whether to keep going or to go ahead and stop.”

After Tim’s performance, Robert began to research the steps required to have such a feat documented as a Guinness World Record.

“I could go several routes, but what I’ve decided to do is attempt to send in a video,” Robert Wade said. “I’m going to attempt to meet the standards of what exactly needs to be documented. I should receive documentation from them before Friday night about what camera angles they want to see so I have it laid out to make it an official attempt. I’ll turn around Monday morning and send it in, pay the expediting fee and hopefully within two to three weeks have a certificate mailed.”

Robert Wade also stated others may attempt to break the record as well Friday night, but Tim will definitely be shooting for the mark. And Friday’s attempt will likely not be the only one for Tim, as Robert stated he hopes to have Guinness officials on site in the spring for another crack at establishing a new record.

“I haven’t even trained for this yet,” Tim Wade said. “I had never connected on more than 20 until Friday night. When the Guinness people come down, I’m definitely going to try and set the record where no one else will beat it. I’ll be able to train throughout the spring.”