Kenneth Ray Dill had hopes of having the notice of public nuisance violation rescinded Monday by the Brown County Commissioners Court, but that did not happen.

Dill said the letter giving him notice of the violation had been threatening to him, and argued that what Brown County Sheriff's Deputy Michelle Holder had cited him for was not trash, but things of value – and the value could change day-to-day, depending on “the market.”

Items of value included hundreds of Mason jars, many broken and piled near the fence line dividing Dill's property from the Hampton family's land, sheets of bent and rusted corrugated metal, toilets, old machines and three vehicles that no longer run.

The sheriff's office had been made aware there was an “excess of debris” on the property, when fire trucks had trouble getting to a grass fire July 25 on Dill's and Hampton's land near Torres Lane off County Road 147 near Bangs. Between 10 and 15 acres burned and Hampton said four volunteer fire departments were called out to fight the fire.

None of the commissioners made a motion to rescind the violation notice, but Holder repeated she would work with Dill to resolve the issue and they left the meeting to go to her office to work toward a solution.

Hampton attended the meeting but did not make a public statement. He did tell media attending he lost “a good portion of his fence” in the fire, and a couple of years ago, had to put a horse down after it contracted West Nile.

“Those jars catch water, water collects anywhere and it's a mosquito breeding ground,” Hampton said.

Other business at the Monday commissioners’ meeting:

• Billy Murphey presented the annual Report of Veterans Services. A veterans' outreach program is planned for Nov. 10, the day before Veterans' Day, Murphey also said. That program will be held from noon to 2 p.m. at the Santa Fe Depot and Civic Center after the annual Veterans Day parade Nov. 10 and will feature Brig. Gen. David Williams and with several businesses and Veterans Administration and state representatives. Murphey said with the outreach program, veterans will be able to find out about the various benefits and services available to them.

• Approved the filing for the re-plat of Flat Rock Park in the Brown County Water Improvement District No. 1.

• Approved the purchase of new Net Data and email servers from Bertrand Technology Solutions of $46,549. The bid amount is $1,000 less than the estimated cost in the budget.

• Approved the appointments and reappointments to the 2013 Brown County Historical Commission including Willie Lee Gay from Houston (formerly on the board of the Texas Historical Commission), Tom Adams, David Cole, Martha Cupp, Elaine Dippel, Ailene Drinkard, Frank Hilton, Willene Holt, Margaret Hoogstra of Abilene, Hank Hunter, Commissioner Joel Kelton, Michael Kelly, Donnie Lappe, Ronnie Lappe, Lewis Locker, Mette Lundsgaard, Dr. Bob Mangrum, Larry Nix, Beverly Norris, Clay Riley, Commissioner Wayne Shaw, Jo Sledge, Jerry Spain, Nola Sweatman, Doris Teague, Commissioner Larry Traweek, County Judge Ray West, Commissioner Gary Worley, Darrell Wright and Myrna Wright.