WHAT FOX NEWS WILL NEVER TELL YOU. ABOUT OBAMA CARE OR ROMNEY CARE October 12, 2012 The new health act regulates the insurance companies. The act is patterned after the Romney Massachusetts health care act. It’s terms are brutal on insurance companies. It is a bold attempt to make insurance companies be honest, a herculean effort to require policies to be written in plain English. This law became effective September 23, 2012. An insurance company may be fined $1,000.00 per policy for each violation about honesty. Health care is the largest industry in the world’s U.S. economy. Those who provide it have never really had to communicate directly with consumers, let alone compete for them. It provides competition in the market place. Competition as we all know, is the heart and soul of our capitalistic system. So the health bill supports our capitalistic system. If an insurance company will not pay your claim, the health bill provides an appeal to an independent agency. Hospitals must disclose rates and death to patient ratio, and other relevant matters connected with determining what care you get. What is not to like about this? Respectfully; Colonel George Day, Brownwood TX