WELFARE October 12, 2012 No Republican should read this. It is for the eyes only of independent voters, as the rest of the voters know about it. Do you believe in the words in our constitution? If so, do you know it uses the words “promote the general Welfare of Americans” in its first paragraph. The Global Corporations have claimed that our welfare programs, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment are communistic programs not authorized by our constitution. Such claim by the Global Companies is successful because you will not read our constitution with an open mind. There is more. WE are required by our government to buy car insurance. We are required by our government to buy our pension plan (social security), an insurance policy to pay us if we become unemployed. We are required by our government to buy a health insurance policy (Medicare). We pay the premiums each time we earn a payroll. (The payroll tax.) Social Security, unemployment and Medicare are neither welfare nor communistic. They are insurance policies bought and “paid for.” The Global companies would prevent you from buying these policies because they must pay one-half of the premium. Traditionally, 35% of American voters vote to keep these insurance policies. 35% desire to cancel these policies. 30% called independents decide all of our elections, what our laws are what our society shall resemble. If you are one of these 30%, the independent voter, will decide the fate of these insurance policies, to abolish or to keep. Heavy burden, Perhaps. But somebody has to do it. Respectfully; Colonel George Day, Brownwood, TX