Did we vote ourselves a living or a death sentence?

There is a price we pay for freedom. From time to time idiots are allowed to vote other idiots into positions of power so all idiots can get free stuff! It is the American way! Hopefully before the crash hits, those idiots will be replaced with clearer thinking idiots who try to limit freebies to a sustainable level! Ever heard of “The Roaring Twenties”? It was an era of short skirts, wild parties, reckless Wall Street investment and bootleg booze! Moonshine was the drug of choice. Most cocktails we know were invented then to kill the taste of that illegal stuff! That non-regulated rot-gut alcohol could get one drunk or blind or even dead! So, enterprising bartenders mixed it with orange juice, carbonated water, cola, lime, lemon, tomato juice, grape juice and just about anything short of Uranium 235 to kill the taste… and sometimes the drinker! It was a wonderful time if you lived through it.

Election day November 2012 reminds me of those roaring days of yesteryear but with a few changes. The free stuff is still there along with the idiots who never learn from history! The big difference is the takers now take from the workers and want everything without working! In the twenties those liberals just wanted to party and make money in the unregulated market and the losses were theirs not taxpayers! When the crash hit and millionaires turned into paupers overnight, some got drunk and jumped out their skyscraper office window! That was October 1929. For a decade money was easy to make and it looked like it would never stop. Remember the “housing crash” in’08? How about the gas crunch of ’73? Remember when gold was $35 an ounce? I am old enough to remember all but the ’29 crash. Markets crash when trust is lost and/or markets overextend credit and America is overextended! Our debt is far greater than our ability to payback so brace for a depression America!

Speaking the truth is not always easy but it must be said. Any group that votes color over character is bigoted no matter what color they are and blacks voted 95% Obama. Please do not tell me blacks have a right because of past injustice. Dr. King’s words about “content of character” were said half a century ago and I lived all my working life under affirmative-action laws and lost jobs to lesser qualified minorities. At 69 I remember minorities being second-class citizens in America so I kept quiet and worked harder. Democrats continue to play the “race-card” but history shows liberals give stuff to minorities for their vote not a better life! If conservatives give citizens something it is attached to a responsibility to earn by the sweat of one’s brow which promotes character and self-esteem while taking from others is degrading.

America once deserved better than Obama and I will not apologize for speaking the truth. The “content of their character” is far more important than what government can give me! America elected the socialist-liberal she now deserves, but I pray citizens will study history, economics, biblical law and our constitution before the next election. Any factual discussion can be debated on the address, phone or e-mail listed.

Charles Johns

601 Hwy 36 Rising Star, Texas, 76471


(254) 643-4867