STEPHENVILLE — The Erath County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, Department of Public Safety and Stephenville Police Department had combined forces and resources Saturday in their continuing investigation of the homicide case of former Brown County resident Jeffrey Vegas Sewalt, according to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

Sewalt, 56, who lived on Pigeon Road, was found by his girlfriend Friday afternoon lying in the enclosed porch of his home.

“Mr. Sewalt suffered a gunshot wound to the head,” Erath County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jason Upshaw told the Empire-Tribune. “We have interviewed numerous people, and everyone has been extremely cooperative with law enforcement.”

Upshaw added interviews will continue to be conducting in the coming week, including additional visits with those who have already spoken with law enforcement, in an effort to determine what exactly occurred.

Neither a suspect nor a motive were identified late Saturday.

Sewalt’s body was sent to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy, the Empire-Tribune story stated, and results are pending.

Also Saturday evening in Stephenville, the Erath County Sheriff’s Office, Stephenville Police Department and Texas Rangers were investigating two more homicides at Rough Creek Lodge.

Based on initial reports, the Rough Creek Lodge incident did not appear to be connected with the Friday shooting, Empire-Tribune editor Sara Vanden Berge told the Bulletin during a Saturday evening phone conversation.

Chris Kyle, a former Tarleton student and Navy SEAL who wrote the book “American Sniper,” and a friend whose identity had not been revealed were the victims.

According to the Empire-Tribune, police were searching for a large four-door Ford pickup, high off the ground, covered in Rhino liner, with a skull sticker in the back window.

The vehicle was spotted shortly before 9 p.m. in Lancaster and Eddie Ray Routh was arrested in connection with Saturday’s incident at Rough Creek Lodge, according to the Empire-Tribune.