To the editor:

Drug tests,

I read in the paper where Governor Perry and the Texas Republicans have decided to shift the money burden for disabled and poor Texans cost for health care to Texans who own property. Our Texas legislature will shift this burden to the property owner when it creates a law requiring “Temporary Assistance for needy families” and the ones who ask for unemployment insurance payments to pass a drug test. Bet you did not know your payroll taxes bought this insurance policy. It is not a gift. Some say that denying the poor and unemployed money to get by because of drug use is a good idea. This will shift the burden of support from the federal government to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Ministries, Rotary, Kiwanis Clubs, and other Welfare agencies, the tax on your house to pay for the cost of prison. Hungry people will steal for food. Should we let the federal government off the hook by giving drug test, and shift the costs to those of us who own property?


Colonel George Day

USA Retired JAG