It’s nearing time for Good Samaritan Ministries’ annual Empty Bowls Project, but before we can all come together and eat soup in wonderfully creative hand-painted bowls, we need to get the bowls painted!

Schedule your group on Tuesdays and Thursdays in February any time from 3 to 7 p.m. and come paint bowls at the GSM offices, 305 Clark Street.

“Last year was so much fun with different groups from the community coming in to paint bowls that we wanted to build on that excitement again this year,” said Angelia Bostick, Executive Director of Good Samaritan Ministries. “It’s a perfect opportunity for Sunday School classes, civic clubs and organizations – anyone really – to get together and paint bowls for our largest fundraising event of the year.”

Because Kohler has offered to fire bowls again this year, most all of the bowls need to be painted by March 1 so they can be glazed, dried and sent to the kiln.

To schedule your group of no more than 24 people, please call (325) 203-2489. Smaller groups may be scheduled on the same night as larger groups to fill spaces.

Limited time and spaces are available so please schedule your group soon.

“Part of what makes the Empty Bowls Project so wonderful is the fact that it reaches so many people in the community,” Bostick said. “From the friends who paint the bowls to the friends who fire them and again from those who purchase a ticket at the meal to those both here and abroad who reap the benefits in terms of food from the event, this project reaches so many people!”

In addition to painting bowls, there are also opportunities for $200 table sponsorships and also for full sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the event or a table at the event, please call (325) 203-2489.

The Empty Bowls Project will be held Thursday, March 28, at the Brownwood Coliseum. Mark your calendar now for the event. More details will be forthcoming.