Howard Payne University hosted their annual Spring Sing on Friday and Saturday evening. This year’s theme was ‘Once Upon a Time.’

HPU’s Greek houses compiled 12 minute skits incorporating fairy tales, music and hilarity as they competed for the first place slot.

Iota Chi Alpha brought laughs with their Monty Python spoof, the “Search for the Holy Goat.” A tale that incorporated music, King Arthur and a holy goat.

Chi Alpha Omega had The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy in search of love. They brought laughs with their lovable characters, witty one-liners and Dorothy’s unexpected love interest.

Sigma Theta Phi presented Once Upon a Time with Sigma Theta Phi. A tale that incorporated a Princess Bride feel with modern day music, amazing dance moves and humorous script.

Delta Chi Rho offered a twist on an old fairy tale with their bachelor and his Disney princess bachelorettes, plus one unexpected addition.

In between sets, the audience was entertained by masters of ceremony, Katie Vernon and Catherine Mullany. Laurie Smith, Ashley Sorenson and Courtney Officer and Rebekah Johnson won the audience over with their musical abilities. Kellee Greenwood recited original slam poetry and the HPU cheer team performed their nationals competition routine.

Judges for the 2013 Spring Sing were Margie Coker, Jill Evans, Eric Daub, Jill Underwood, Carl Alden, Sara Musgrove, Mandy Locker and Shane Stalnacker. 

The awards were broken into several categories. The character award, an award given to the Greek house that was the best to work with, went to Iota Chi Alpha. The audience’s choice award went to Delta Chi Rho.

The third place winner was awarded a $300 check donated by the Student Foundation, and was won by Chi Alpha Omega. Second place went to Delta Chi Rho, who was given a $500 check donated by Student Government. The first place winner was Sigma Theta Phi, who was awarded an $800 check donated by the Alumni Association.