A touring road show called the Great American Treasure Hunt has come to Brownwood.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Saturday, representatives of the treasure hunt are at the Hampton Inn, 1103 Riverside Drive. It is free to the public.

A press release asks, "do you ever wonder what that old toy, class ring or piece of war memorabilia you have stashed away in you closet is worth? You might be sitting on a small fortune."

While the treasure hunt will buy anything old, the focus is on gold and silver jewelry, coins made before 1965, military items, toys and trains, musical instruments, pocket and wrist watches, costume jewelry, U.S. currency printed before 1964 and foreign coins.

Don't clean your items, as it could damage them and lower their value. 

The treasure hunt is fun, free and exciting and most likely you'll walk out with money in your hand, the press release states.