Prior to November of 2012, Wendy Grusendorf’s life was filled with the joys of being a wife and mother, but soon her’s and her family’s lives would be radically changed after an operation left her with an incredible amount of pain, numbness and facial disfigurement.

A medical account has been set up at Mills County State Bank in Brownwood for Grusendorf, the wife of Bangs Police Chief Troy Grusendorf, to help with her medical expenses.

At a recent doctors appointment, Grusendorf was diagnosed with brain damage and can barely speak. Her prognosis states that if the stem cell damage deteriorates worse than it already has, she could be left unable to speak at all.

Grusendorf’s found a neurologist locally to see her, but the family of six is currently living on a single income and Grusendorf is uninsured. Money is already tight without the additional pressures of medical bills.

Grusendorf’s next doctors appointment will be on April 25, which will also be her 38th birthday.

On November 21, 2012, Grusendorf underwent an emergency Anterior Dysectomy Cervical Fusion, a type of surgery that would repair herniated discs in her cervical spine. However, after waking from the surgery she noticed the significant loss of vision in her right eye and numbness on the right side of her face, in her throat and upper chest. Eight hours after the surgery she was sent home, but began to experience a tightening of the right side of her face and difficulty being able to swallow without gagging.

In less than 72 hours, she developed what appeared to be total loss of facial movement on her side of her face, and the right corner of her mouth and her cheek had withdrawn into her mouth, creating a facial disfigurement and distorted speech. As a result, she is forced to drink through a straw to avoid pouring water and other liquid beverages onto herself due to the facial disfigurement and the paralysis of her face.

In a recent KTAB interview, the Grusendorfs warned those who may need to undergo surgery to be aware of the possible complications and get a second or even third opinion before going through with it.