Last month the Ranger College debate team competed in both of the national championship tournaments for collegiate parliamentary debate.

The team of Jesse Hedin and Drew Marshall was invited to compete at the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence, hosted by the University of Nevada. The NPTE invites the "best of the best" in college parliamentary debate. This year, only 56 college teams from the entire county received invites. Competing at the NPTE is typically the "capstone" to a college debate career. In fact, Hedin and Marshall were the ONLY team comprised of two true frosh debaters in the entire nation to be invited.

Hedin and Marshall, as well as the parliamentary team of Austin Raburn and Briana Salas also competed at the National Parliamentary Debate Association national championship tournament hosted by the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. At the NPDA championship Hedin and Marshall once again finished tops among true frosh teams, while the combined efforts of the RC teams earned Ranger a fourth-place finish in the overall sweepstakes race against other two-year colleges in attendance.

This is significant because the sweepstakes placing are given out based upon the total combined wins of each school's entire squad. Ranger College was able to finish fourth with only two teams, while many of the California community college's in the competition were competing with 10 or more entries.