A 73-year-old Brownwood woman told police she was scammed out of a large amount of money after a caller told her she'd won $1.5 million but needed to pay taxes on the money before she could receive it.

Officer Zane Taylor met with the woman Wednesday at the Law Enforcement Center. According to Taylor's report:

A man called the woman in late March about the $1.5 million she'd supposedly won. The man told her he was trying to help her raise the money for the taxes and said he'd set up some accounts with the Wells Fargo Bank. The man told her she needed to go to a Wells Fargo Bank, withdraw the money and place it on Green Dot pre-paid credit cards.

The woman drove to a Wells Fargo Bank in San Angelo and made two withdrawals totaling $4,400. The woman followed the man's request to put the money on Green Dot cards as well as an additional $350. She provided the man with account numbers for the Green Dot cards and the $350.

The woman was notified by her Brownwood bank that someone had withdrawn $6,550 from her account. The woman didn't understand how that could happen because she didn't have that much in her account. The woman then learned that someone had forged her name and withdrawn money from the account.

In other incidents:

Officer Brandon Miller was dispatched Wednesday night to the area of West Austin and Beaver on a report of a hit-and-run accident. Miller relocated to Walmart after learning the victim had followed the suspect there. Miller arrested David Newman, 30, on charges of DWI second and driving with an invalid license.

Miller made a traffic stop Wednesday and found a substance believed to be K2 in the vehicle. Miller arrested Joshua Breedlove, 22, of Brownwood, on a charge of possession of a controlled substance under 2 ounces.

Officer Doug Hurt was dispatched Wednesday to Walmart on a report that employees had detained a woman who tried to push a shopping cart with $555 worth of items out of the store. Hurt arrested Yvonne Montellano, 62, of Bangs, on a theft charge.

Officer Robert Lee was dispatched Wednesday to Walmart, where employees detained a shoplifting suspect. Lee arrested Marilyn Turner, 60, of Brownwood, on a theft charge.

Officer Eric Joshua was dispatched Tuesday to the 1700 block of Dallas, where a woman said her boyfriend assaulted her. Joshua arrested Daniel Cade, 31, of Brownwood, on an assault charge.

Cpl. Stephanie Morgan was dispatched Tuesday to the 1500 block of Terrace on a report of an altercation involving child custody. CPS and MHMR representatives were contacted.

Deputy Brandon Arnold made a traffic stop Wednesday and arrested Sonny Wright, 19, of Sheffield, on a charge of possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.

Others booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. Thursday were:

David Bivins, 57, Brownwood, faiture to appear for theft.

Jason Brown, 39, Early, probation violation.

Mark Hawkins, 60, Brownwood, bond withdrawal for possession of a controlled substance.

Martin Ybarra, 47, De Leon, motion to revoke for theft.

Shandy Smith, 30, Brownwood, failure to appear for possession of a controlled substance.

Edwin Wishert, 41, Brookesmith, parole warrant.