Family Services Center, Inc. in Brownwood has opened a parenting store.

“This is not your typical store,” said Doak Givan, executive director of FSC. “Our parenting store is full of items that our parenting clients can earn by way of a point system through attendance, activities, and completing the parenting classes.”

The parenting store has a wide variety of items including children’s games, toys, shoes, home décor, zoo passes, restaurant coupons and much more. Many of the items have been donated to Family Services, but some have been purchased especially for the store.

“One of the skills we teach in our parenting classes is a point system parents can use to change their child’s behavior or encourage them to do chores. We thought the best way to teach this skill is to demonstrate it,” said Givan.

“We welcome donations from the public to enhance the store offerings. As a community, rewarding parents for taking classes to strengthen their parenting skills is something we can all agree upon. Parents who have already started cashing in their points are quite excited. They have been amazed at how much they are able to accumulate in points as well as prizes.”

Family Services Center is a non-profit organization that has been in Brownwood for over 17 years. They offer several services to families, but the primary one is teaching parents evidence based skills to strengthen family relationships. Two types of parenting classes are offered, one to parents of children up to 12 years old and another to parents of teens. Classes are held at several different times and places throughout the week including evenings. FSC serves eight counties, Callahan, Comanche, Coleman, Eastland, Mills, McCulloch, San Saba and Brown. For more information, call 325-646-5939 or visit their website at You can also follow Family Services on Facebook or visit them at 901 Avenue B in Brownwood.

Family Services Center is funded in part by TDFPS-Texas Families: Together & Safe, United Way and private donations.