The Bangs High School one-act play team has been advancing through the ranks with its rendition of “The History of Tom Jones.”

Bangs, along with Jim Ned, were the advancing teams from District 6-2A. Both plays advanced  to the regional competition held at Odessa College on Friday, April 19.

On Thursday, the team participated in a one-act play area competition at Graham High School. 

The one-act team is under the direction of Shannon Lee, a Brownwood native. This is Lee’s first year to teach and direct at Bangs. Prior to obtaining her teaching position at Bangs, she was at Madisonville.

Lee selected “The History of Tom Jones” because it showcased the talents of the students she has in theater at this time. Each of the actors plays at least two roles in the play which leads to some quick costume and character changes.

“The History of Tom Jones” was the only comedy at the area meet. The lead of Tom Jones is played by Andrew Quintana and his rival, Blifil, is played by Christopher Freeland, who won the Best Actor award at the Zone 1 competition. Tom Jones’ love interest, Sophia, is played by Kassidy Adams. The story is told by the narrator, Tom Jones author Henry Fielding, who is played by William Roberts. Roberts also portrays the paternal figure in Tom’s life, Squire Allworthy.