When she was asked if she wanted to join the Brookshire’s team for the 2013 Relay For Life of Brown County, Janet Garrett knew she needed to pray about it before making her decision.

“I’ve prayed about it, and I feel like I’ve got an answer,” Garrett said. “I felt as if God was telling me, ‘Yes, you need to do this and help the people.’”

Garrett, a member of Victory Life Church, knew 

she would be following the motto of the church that focuses on “serving and loving God and people.”

“I feel like it’s a ministry for me to do,” Garrett said. “I’ve prayed for so many people who had cancer — some won their battles, some didn’t.”

Approaching fund-raising like a job, Garrett worked on her days off from Brookshire’s to collect donations, first starting with her friends, and letting them decide how much they wanted to donate.  

“It surprised me how fast I was able to raise $1,000,” Garrett said. “But, when you have the Lord behind you, you can do anything.”

The idea to raise $1,000 came from a small booklet on fund-raising that made the suggestion of asking 100 people for $10. 

“I remember looking at that and thinking, I can do that,” Garrett said. 

The best fund-raising tip anyone can use is getting past the “no” that some people will give, Garrett said. 

“You have to remember that if they say no, it’s nothing personal,” Garrett said. “Not everyone will be able to give.”

At her last count, Garrett has raised $1,176 and plans to keep fund-raising.

“Even though I’ve reached $1,000, I’m not quitting,” Garrett said. “I’m going to continue working at it. Too many people have been affected by cancer, and this organization (American Cancer Society) is one of the organizations that people are more receptive to give to.”

To date, Team Brookshire’s has raised more than $3,730 and hopes to reach $4,500 by the night of Relay.

To make a donation to Team Brookshire’s or any other team, visit relayforlife.org/browncotx.