The complete coach must have the same requisites necessary for success in other professions. Ability, commitment, zeal and integrity come to mind.  Many persons in all walks of life have to take “incompletes” on some of these requisites.

Chuck Howard, in my judgment, has them all.  He has been exposed to great coaches, and I’m sure has learned much from them.  I can think of none I respect more than the late Bill Anderson, one of Chuck’s early mentors. I don’t think there’s ever been a finer coach and a finer man than Coach Anderson — ever.

Bill Anderson had all the cited requisites, and even on more that should have been listed in the first paragraph: He, like Gordon Wood and others in a long line of coaching figures at Brownwood High School, loved kids.

And so does Chuck. Anderson, and others since, have recognized and rewarded Chuck’s talent and commitment. I predict much success for him, his family and colleagues, as he takes on this new role. There’ll be wins, and even more importantly, enriched lives of young men and young women whose lives he touches at BHS.

His appointment makes Howard Payne University proud. May his kind increase.

Dr. Don Newbury


Howard Payne University