Richard Valadez testified last week in 35th District Court that he would prefer prison over probation after being found guilty of deadly conduct, and on Monday, Valadez got his wish.

District Judge Steve Ellis sentenced Valadez, 39, a resident of the Indian Creek community in southern Brown County, to six years in prison.

Valadez was involved in a standoff with sheriff's deputies on Sept. 29 after a family dispute in his home, authorities said earlier. The standoff ended peacefully after deputies negotiated with the man by phone and fired .37 millimeter tear gas projectiles into the house.

A jury convicted Valadez following a one-day trial last week. During punishment testimony, Valadez testified that he didn't get along with his wife's family and that there would be trouble if he was released on probation.

Ellis stopped punishment testimony pending completion of a pre-sentence investigation.

Valadez had fired a shot into a wall after deputies deployed the first of eight tear gas projectiles, Aaron said.

Valadez did not initially come out despite the tear gas, and in some of his phone conversations with deputies, Valadez was screaming, incoherent and threatening suicide.

Deputies initially responded to Valadez's home after the family dispute. Valadez was alleged to have locked his wife and three children out of the home and fired a shot through the door.

Valadez would not respond to deputies, and the decision was made to give him the weekend to hopefully cool down. Deputies tried unsuccessfully to contact Valadez by phone over the weekend.

Also Monday, Ellis sentenced an Abilene man, Travis Long, 32, to six years in prison for burglary of a habitation and two years in state jail for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Long entered guilty pleas without benefit of a plea bargain and asked for probation.

Long testified that he was under the influence of K2 the morning of March 7, 2012 and does not remember the events of that morning. Long said he does not remember driving to Brown County from Sweetwater that morning.

Deputies and a state trooper arrived at the end of County Road 612 near Bangs to find Long's 2010 Jeep Liberty stuck in the mud, and a road compactor, owned by Precinct 4, sat beside it, also stuck in the mud, authorities said earlier. The Jeep had a water heater tied to the roof and other items stuffed inside. The trooper told deputies a man was trying to dig the Jeep out of the mud with a shovel when he arrived.

Based on an investigation, deputies believed the man had been stealing items from inside and outside of a nearby residence when the Jeep got stuck in the mud. The man walked a short distance, took the road compactor that was being used on a county job in the area and used it to try to push and pull his Jeep from the mud. The road compactor also got stuck.

Long testified that he has had other arrests and has mental health issues. Long testified that he had been planning to start culinary school at Texas State Technical College next month.