After two previous attempts at acceptance tests, the Brown County Water Improvement District completed an acceptance test last week on the newest of its two plants.

The plant did fine, and the district's engineers, Freeze and Nichols, will present an acceptance letter to the board at its May meeting, water district  general manager Dennis Spinks said.

Water restrictions had been lifted for Brownwood residents for part of last week so the plant could be run at full capacity for three days. That was to ensure the plant could meet its rated capacity of treating 7.5 million gallons of water a day, Spinks said earlier.

Plant operators actually had to run a modified test, as demand was reduced by rain and cool weather, Spinks said. Operators had to run the plant at maximum capacity for a few hours at a time, then shut it down and let the storage capacity fall before starting the plant back up.

On the second day of the test, the plant exceeded a rate of 8 million gallons a day, Spinks said.

The water district tried to run an acceptance test in September 2012, but it rained during the week of the scheduled test, and water users did not use enough water. An acceptance test later was not successful as the plant could not meet its rated capacity, Spinks said earlier.

The problem was solved by adding a chemical to the water that binds sediments together, creating particles that are large enough to prevent them from lodging in filter pores.