Seven weeks ago, the historical marker outside of Zephyr had finally arrived and was being placed in its proper location near the Blanket Creek Bridge. On Sunday, a visitor to the location reported that the sign had been stolen. All that remained was the pole.

Zephyr resident and historical society member Myrna Wright was notified of the theft on Monday by two peers and called law enforcement to report it. She was told that the sign had been reported stolen Sunday by the unnamed visitor.

The site had been declared a historical landmark by the Brown County Commissioner’s office in August of 2012, said Wright.

It commemorates the original location of Zephyr from 1863 to 1865. The first store, post office and 17 families who settled in Zephyr did so on the banks of Blanket Creek. The town was moved in 1865 due to the establishment of the railroad.

The Brown County Historical Commission helped fund the sign which cost $608, according to Wright.

Upon its arrival, the marker became the property of the Zephyr Historical Society, and members secured the pole and both bolted and welded the sign to it.

"We just got it up about two months ago,” Wright said. “I was told there is no way the wind could have blown the sign away.”

Wright could only speculate as to why anyone would steal the sign or how they removed it from the pole. She said there were no markings on the pole to suggest the use of excessive force.

The theft is an open and on-going investigation.

"Anyone with information about the stolen sign, please report it to the sheriffs department,” said Wright. “We would like to put it back up.”