Economic Development Corporation as well as the EDC President, Nancy Lee Bostick.

At the Monday, April 29, 2013, evening banquet, Chamber President, Cindy Wood, proclaimed Nancy Bostick as Rising Star Citizen of the Year; and the local EDC group as Rising Star Community Service Award, Cindy introduced Nancy with a short biography and told the audience that Nancy “must like to stay busy” as she has owned several antique stores in various locations and did a stint as Mayor of this picturesque town in 2008-09. She went on to say that Nancy has always been interested in the betterment of Rising Star; and as President of the local EDC, has guided the group in many projects, the latest of which is the Downtown Open Air Market, which began in November, 2012; and is growing larger each month.

Cindy also honored the Economic Development Corporation as a group and presented several members with the Rising Star Community Service award.

Current members are Nancy Bostick, President; Greg Clay, Vice President; Teresa Fraley, Secretary; Shelly Bailey in charge of selling memorial bricks; Ginger Tobin, Reporter; and Dr. Max Thompson.