To the editor:

You may know by now of the recent passing of my devoted and loving wife and best friend of 54 years, Shirley West. She was a constant to our daughter and her two girls, my son and his wife and two daughters and me. She was a light and encourager to her brother. She was a confidante and listening ear to countless friends and neighbors here in Brownwood and her children's two towns, Kennedale and Brenham. She was a warrior and servant to her church community. She was a proud citizen of a great city in the heart of Texas. Brownwood.

Upon suffering a short while with cancer, we were able to see God's grace and mercy in the faces of our community's people. Her town, our town, showed the kindness and integrity we have always known it has. Brownwood Regional Medical Center responded to our every need at every turn. The team of doctors and nurses who cared for her the 40 days she was admitted were professional, capable, smart and compassionate. Our fellow sisters and brothers of First United Methodist Church proved to be diligent and nurturing during the entire time and Pastor Scroggs showed extraordinary pastoral care to Shirley and me. While she did not win the battle with cancer, Solarius Hospice graciously and lovingly helped our family hand Shirley over to her Savior, Jesus. I could not have asked for a more compassionate and loving group of nurses. Heartland Funeral Services came to our side and treated us like family. It was a comfort to already know and respect their business and the group of people who work there.

Our town showed extraordinary care, service and love during a very hard time in my life. I have always loved this town and love is even more today. Thank you for coming to our side when we needed you most.

Honored, proud and thankful,

Kenneth West