After weeks of practice and miles of travel across the country, Brock Allen is living his dream as a member of Drum Corps International’s Pacific Crest!

Drum Corps International, most commonly known as DCI, is a national organization comprised of 23 marching drum and bugle corps located all over the United States. Each corps is made up of young men and women who go through a grueling audition process in order to become a member of one of these prestigious groups. The young people spend their entire summer learning new music and intense marching drill design that excite and amaze fans across the nation.

Brock’s dream of being a part of DCI began months ago when he put aside his saxophone, a woodwind instrument, to learn to play the mellophone, a brass instrument. DCI is made up of only brass and percussion instruments, so Brock had to perfect his playing skills on this new instrument. BHS band director David Lambert said, “If you know Brock, you know that he can play most any instrument you put into his hands. But to learn to play the mellophone at the skill level necessary to earn a position in Pacific Crest is absolutely phenomenal! Brock is a truly talented musician and we are very proud of him.” When asked what she thought, Brock's mom, Kathy Allen, replied, “We're obviously very proud of Brock. He set his mind on this and worked very hard to make one of the corps. We're also so glad to hear from him that he is having so much fun seeing the country and doing what he loves.”

Brock, the only Texan in the Pacific Crest Corps, flew to Los Angeles on June 7. The California based group rehearsed together for only 10 days before setting out on a 53 day tour which will include over 100 competitive events in 38 states. The tour will Brownwood will get a glimpse of Pacific Crest on Thursday, July 18, as they come through town on their way to performances in Houston and San Antonio. The group will rehearse most of the day at Gordon Wood Stadium and conclude with a run-through of their competition show at 7:45 that evening. The public is invited to attend both the rehearsals and the run through at 7:45 p.m. on July 18, 2013.