BLANKET— Kaeden Chasteen, a 2013 graduate of Blanket, has been selected to play in the 2013 Brazos Bowl this Saturday in Knox City. Chasteen’s head coach at Blanket, Tyler Tabor, is excited for Chasteen’s opportunity.

“I think he will do really well,” Tabor said. “Kaeden played for me all four years in high school. He has great skills.”

Tabor said that there will be good six-man players from all over the state playing in the new all-star game.

“The coaching staffs are coming from Jayton and Motley County,” Tabor said. “It should be an exciting game to watch.”

The game starts at 7 p.m. 

“Kaeden is planning on walking on at Tarleton in the fall, so I hope he has a really good game,” Tabor said.