Brown County Water Improvement District board members will meet briefly at noon Friday to consider approving a $33,000 expenditure related to the drilling of a test water well, which is expected to begin next week.

Stewart Brothers Drilling of New Mexico was en route to Brownwood and was expected to arrive Thursday or Friday with numerous pieces of equipment, and drilling is expected on the test well is expected to start Monday or Tuesday, Water District General Manager Dennis Spinks said Thursday afternoon.

Spinks said the $33,000 expenditure is for an additional 125 feet of main casing that will be cemented in place, in addition to the 60 feet already planned.

The test well will be drilled on Corrigan Avenue, just outside the southeast city limits and the drilling will take six to eight weeks, Spinks said.

The water district board voted on June 3 to award a $700,300 bid to Stewart Brothers to drill the test well.

Also Thursday, Spinks said he has not received any preliminary numbers from state hydrologists on the amount of water Lake Brownwood now holds. Hydrologists with the Texas Water Development Board performed a volumetric survey earlier this month. Local officials won't receive a report for several months, but preliminary numbers were expected to be available within a couple of weeks, Spinks said earlier.

With Lake Brownwood just over a foot away from the Stage 4 trigger point, Spinks was working Thursday to calculate what a 50 percent reduction in water use will mean for entities that draw water from the lake.

Spinks has said the 50 percent reduction will be based on a five-year average of water use.