Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) patient Cheyenne McFall, of Brownwood, Texas has been selected as first-time scholarship recipient of the Legacy Scholarship Program. Cheyenne attended Brownwood High School and will use her award to pursue higher education at The University of Texas at Austin. Recently, Legacy Scholarship board members, as well as patient families and friends, gathered to honor the 20 first-time Legacy Scholarship recipients, including Cheyenne, during an awards ceremony and luncheon at the hospital. In addition, 15 former Legacy Scholarship recipients, who will graduate from colleges and universities across the country this year, were honored for their achievements in a graduation ceremony.

“The Legacy Scholarship Program is an extension of the medical care and treatment provided by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children,” said Gladys Kolenovsky, president of the Legacy Scholarship Program. “It allows staff and friends of the hospital to further invest in the lives of some of the most outstanding young people in Texas, who also happen to be former patients of the hospital. We’re proud of the determination and excellence these young people have demonstrated, which led to their Legacy Scholarship awards.”

Since the Legacy Scholarship Program was established in 1986, it has awarded more than 2,100 scholarships totaling over $3.0 million to former TSRHC patients. This year, 108 scholars, including 20 first-time recipients, will receive a total of $225,000 in scholarships from the program