AUSTIN — In an ongoing effort to work with others to provide safe and reliable transportation solutions for Texas, the Texas Transportation Commission at its June meeting approved almost $1.4 million for the extension of Marketplace Boulevard in Brownwood.

Prater Equipment Co., Inc. of Comanche was awarded the project.

The project will construct just over a half mile of two-lane roadway with a center left-turn lane from the existing Marketplace Boulevard to US 67/84. The new roadway is intended to relieve congestion on US 67/84 and enhance safety by improving traffic circulation through the area.

“As Texas roadways become increasingly crowded, we must find ways to relieve congestion without compromising safety,” said Phil Wilson, TxDOT executive director. “Keeping travelers moving safely and efficiently will continue to be an ongoing priority as Texas welcomes nearly 1,000 newcomers each day.”

“In a state as vast as Texas, it’s imperative to not only have reliable roadways connecting our rural and urban citizens, but also to be diligent in designing and maintaining them with safety in mind,” said Commissioner Fred Underwood, Texas Transportation Commission. “Keeping everyone safe on the road is our first priority. We must do everything we can to get the driving public safely to their destinations and home to their families at the end of the day.”