There is another self-help program to provide water for each structure. Rainwater. Create a non-governmental committee of seven of our prominent citizens a contractor, two bankers, two industrialists, two small businessmen. Create a non-profit organization to secure grants for the purpose to conserve water, organize a team to purchase gutters and water tanks sufficient to collect and store rainwater from the roof of all buildings in the city of Brownwood.

The money from the grant is to be loaned to the owner of each building and house to pay for the material. Create a labor team to install the water collection system on each structure. Some volunteer workers.

The owners above the federal poverty line will pay for their materials and labor on a five seven year 4% loan collected by the non-profit.

The water collection system for the owners below the property line will be paid by the non profit. Those who chose to be exempt from the water collection system will pay a higher rate for the water.

Brownwood will stay green, a nice place to live, well-watered.


Colonel George Day

JAG (retired)