EARLY — It was a first for Early Mayor Bob Mangrum as he dismissed everyone attending Tuesday’s council meeting.

“I’m so sorry but we won’t have a meeting tonight,” Mangrum said. “We don’t have a quorum so we can’t meet.”

Before dismissing the residents in attendance, Mangrum read the proclamation for the 45th anniversary of the TET Offensive during the Vietnam War.

The items on Tuesday’s agenda will be addressed during the next council meeting and include:

• Consider approving additions to Eastlawn Memorial Park.

• Consider approving a special use permit for a manufactured home at 117 McDonald Dr.

• Consider annexing 1.5 acres at 1800 Early Boulevard, and 2.3 acres on Allen Drive, into the city.

• Consider approving a plat for a development on seven lots on Allen Drive.

• Consider amending penalties for noncompliance for the City of Early water conservation plan.