Brown County residents went to bed Sunday night and woke up Monday morning to the welcome sound of a steady rain that lowered the temperature and raised residents' hope that the level of Lake Brownwood's precious water would begin to rise.

Monday afternoon, though, the lake had not gained a large increase in elevation about 4 inches, Brown County Water Improvement District General Manager Dennis Spinks said.

The lake was not receiving any runoff, Spinks said, because tributaries have to be filled up themselves before runoff begins flowing into the lake.

Spinks estimated the lake could gain another 6 inches before the rains end later in the week.

Brown County had received 2.5 to 3.5 inches of rain as of Monday afternoon, Patrick Doll of the National Weather Service in San Angelo said.

It was possible that showers and thunderstorms could continue through Monday evening before tapering off Tuesday morning, Doll said, although no rain was falling as of early Monday night.

"Widespread heavy rain will be ending probably mid-morning (Tuesday)," Doll said, although there are chances of scattered rain through Thursday.

Monday's high in Brownwood was 84 degrees. "You don't see that too often in the middle of July," Doll said.