Sixteen golfers took up the challenge of playing in the Family Service Center’s 100 Holes For Families in April and completed 1,435 holes of golf to raise $9,300.

“It’s a challenge to see if you can do the 100 holes,” said Doak Givan, executive director at FSC. “Each golfer gets sponsors to contribute a set amount for each hole of golf completed.”

In this year’s event, sponsored by Quality Body Works, Von Bates set a record by raising $3,000 in 120 holes. Cameron Berryhill played the most holes with 155 and Sheryl McCarty won the Nook Simple Touch prize that was sponsored by Staples.

Proceeds raised from the golf fund-raiser will go to support the center’s programs and operational expenses.

“We couldn’t operate without these type of fund-raisers,” Givan said. “While most of our funding comes from grants and federal programs, they don’t cover all of our costs. Some expenses like building improvement isn’t covered so we have to find other funding sources. We always welcome individual contributions.”

Other golfers and teams participating in this year’s event included the Ray Baslee Team, Tommy Blevins, Mike Bullard Telephone and Wireless Team, Al Dostal (120), Mike Hall, Bryan Harvey, Rick Hullum, Hank Hunter, Jerome Nowowiejski, Kim Peterson (120), Joey Smith, Jim Williamson (120) and Dion White.

“Special thanks to The Hideout, The Brownwood Country Club, Staples, Humphrey Pete’s and Quality Body Works in your support and success of this year’s golf challenge,” said Jill Evans, volunteer/outreach coordinator.

FSC is a nonprofit organization and is funded in part by the Texas Families: Together & Safe Project, United Way and individual donations. FSC offers a variety of services including parenting classes, counseling, anger management, children and divorce classes, mediation, safe exchange and much more.

For more information, contact FSC at (325) 646-5939 or stop by the office located at 901 Ave. B, Brownwood.