Talk of declaring Stage 4 under the Drought Contingency Plan has subsided, thanks to the rains earlier this week that raised Lake Brownwood by about five feet.

Brownwood City Council members will consider approving a revised Drought Contingency Plan Tuesday that mirrors plans of other Lake Brownwood water users and specifies what Stage 4 would mean, if it's ever declared, and also creates stages 5 and 6.

Stages 1-3 do not change in the revised plan, which specifies voluntary compliance for Stage 1 and mandatary compliance for remaining stages. Stage 3 restrictions remain in effect, even though the lake has risen to Stage 2 levels.

Representatives of Lake Brownwood customers met with Brown County Water Improvement District General Manager Dennis Spinks on Wednesday to discuss a uniform Drought Contingency Plan, and representatives planned to take the plan to their respective boards and councils for approval.

The  outdoor watering schedules in the revised plan are:

Stage 1 (mild drought), voluntary compliance for two-day watering.

Stage 2 (moderate drought), two-day watering.

Stage 3 (severe drought), one-day watering.

Stage 4 (exceptional drought), one-day watering from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Stage 5 (advanced drought), one-day watering from 6-8 p.m., by hand-held hose, watering can or bucket.

Stage 6 (emergency condition), when conditions include "water production or distribution system limitations, supply source contamination or system outage due to the failure or damage of major water system components."

The Texas Water Code and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality require all public water system in Texas to prepare a Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan and to update the plan every five years, Brownwood City Manager Bobby Rountree said, and the plan needs significant upgrades because of the drought.