When he was attending Texas A&M University, Dr. Lorin Wolf had intentions of becoming a veterinarian, but noted his love for helping people led him to becoming a chiropractor.

“I really enjoy helping other people, I thrive off of it,” Wolf said. “I never really had a clear decision of becoming a chiropractor. I just started making steps in that direction.”

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical sciences, Wolf attended Parker College of Chiropractic — now Parker University — to complete his doctor of chiropractic degree program.

“Becoming a chiropractor is just like becoming a medical doctor, it’s just the residency requirements are different,” Wolf said. “Where the medical doctors do extensive study into pharmaceuticals and drugs, we concentrate on adjustments.”

Wolf, a native from the Vincent community, near Coahoma, started working as an associate at a practice in Lubbock in 2007. Wolf wanted to gain insight and the experience needed to open his own business.

“I always knew I wanted to open up my own practice,” Wolf said. “I started out working as an associate because I wanted to learn what was needed to operate a business.”

By 2009, Wolf was ready to open his practice, but he was having a hard time trying to find a location. He first considered opening his practice in Copperas Cove but issues with the building for lease led him to change his mind.

“On the drive back to Lubbock, I started thinking about my next step and I prayed,” Wolf said. “I asked God to open doors where I needed to be and close them where I didn’t need to go.”

During that drive home, Wolf drove through Brownwood. While he had considered the Brownwood area before, he didn’t think the city could support another chiropractor.

“I was looking at the city’s population, not the county’s,” Wolf said. “On that drive home, I got this feeling that God was telling me that this was a good place.”

It wasn’t long before Wolf found a place for his business and he spent the next four to six months preparing the office space for his practice. On April 5, 2010, Wolf opened Heartland Chiropractic.

After the first year, Wolf was able to expand his practice by doubling size of his office by moving to the building next door. Wolf’s office space went from 800 square feet to 1,870 square feet, which allowed him to bring in specialized treatment equipment.

“I was able to bring in a decompression table, muscle stimulator, roller table and more,” Wolf said.

Another new addition for Wolf’s practice is the Foot Levelers, a machine that is used to create custom stabilized orthotics by having the patient stand on the machine. The orthotics comes in different shoe styles including luxury, active, casual, tough, high heels and specialty.

“Your feet are your foundation,” Wolf said. “If you’re having problems with your feet, it can lead to back problems.”

Wolf noted the biggest concerns patients have about seeing a chiropractor is having their neck adjusted.

“People are so scared to get their necks adjusted in fear that you’ll break it,” Wolf said. “It’s physically impossible to break someone’s neck through an adjustment.”

Wolf said another common misconception patients have is thinking a chiropractor can’t help them if they have herniated discs, headaches or arthritis.

“We treat a wide variety of conditions by treating the cause of the problem,” Wolf said. “When you treat the cause you’re able to alleviate the problem.”

Wolf is looking to expand his practice again by adding a massage therapist to the staff and encourages upcoming graduates from the Texas Massage Academy to contact him.

For more information about Heartland Chiropractic, stop by the office or contact Wolf at (325) 641-2541.