Discounted Air Evac memberships for county employees was the focal point of discussion during Monday's Brown County Commissioner's meeting.

    Brownwood Base Air Evac Lifeteam Membership Sales Manager Tara Bradley Newton explained the normal rate of $65 per year would be decreased to $40 per year for the employee, $45 for the employee and spouse and $50 for the employee, spouse and family.

    “The $50 rate would cover all members of the household,” Newton said.

    Memberships include utilizing the service, if needed, in any of the 14 states Air Evac operates, as well as the other companies owned by Air Evac. “We currently service Brown County and the surrounding counties,” Newton said. “We already have one helicopter in Abilene and are working to have another in Eastland by Aug. 15.”

    Another plus regarding the discount, Newton said, was that a  payroll deduction “spread over” a 90-day time period would be offered.

    A minimum number of 50 employees signing up for membership would be required for the discount to take effect, Newton explained. “I can almost guarantee we won't have 50 sign up,” said Brown County Treasurer Ann Krpoun. Precinct 3 Commissioner Wayne Shaw asked Newton if the requirement of 50 could be lowered. “That is our usual standard procedure,” Newton said. “But I will look into it.”

    Newton told the court that if some employees signed up for the program, but the overall number did not meet the minimum requirement, those employees could maintain the membership at a non-discounted rate or just “opt out.” Krpoun agreed to send a memorandum with paychecks to inform the employees of the offer, while Newton said she would inform employees if they would or would not be eligible for the discounted rate.

    In other business, the court:

    • Approved employee changes for the sheriff's office

    • Approved Shaw's request for the purchase of a 4,000 gallon-capacity water truck, with the purchase not to exceed $40,000