The city of Brownwood is expected to receive more than $250,000 in direct economic impact during this week’s TTAB 8U tournaments in Brownwood and Early. Sunni Modawell, tourism director for the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce,  said that the 8U age group usually travels well.

“This age bracket (8U) tends to draw the biggest crowd,” Modawell said.

With 18 teams traveling from throughout the state to participate, the Brownwood hotels are filled this week with players, coaches, parents and baseball fans.

“We are projecting more than 500 hotel room nights during the tournament,” Modawell said. “This translates into over a quarter million dollars in economic impact.”

Modawell said not only do the visitors for the tournament stay in the hotels, they eat at the restaurants and spend money at the local stores and museums.

“While they are waiting on their next game to play, they will go shopping or to one of our many museums for something to do between ball games,” Modawell said.

Modawell said the 3-year-old Massey Sports Complex helps contribute to the crowds.

“The TTAB staff always makes sure the event is first rate, that and our newer ballfields make it a place people want to come for baseball,” Modawell said.

According to Modawell, the TTAB state tournament is one of the largest events Brownwood hosts, along with the Brownwood Reunion and the Howard Payne University homecoming, both coming up in September and October.

“Hotels will be sold out for those events as well,” Modawell said.  

Modawell said when the National Guard troops are training out at Camp Bowie, there is also a healthy infusion of funds into Brownwood, as hotel rooms are booked by the units from out of town going to train.

“Some of the soldiers liked Brownwood so much they come back and bring their families and spouses,” Modawell said. “We always like to hear about that.”

The tally won’t be in for this year’s tournament until the end of the week. In 2009, the TTAB Junior Boys booked 286 rooms for a total of $157,000 and the TTAB Senior Boys booked 501 rooms for $275,000. In 2012, the TTAB 14U tournament booked 263 rooms for a total of $160,000 in economic impact.

“Our community is a very friendly community,” Modawell said. “We encourage our visitors this week to come back.”