EARLY — Members of the Early Chamber of Commerce gathered at Prima Pasta Friday for the monthly luncheon for the program, “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.”

“The single most important thing when hiring someone other than their skill set is their attitude,” Doug Will said. “When I’m interviewing someone, if I can figure out they have the right attitude then they’re hired.”

By choosing to have a positive attitude, being enthusiastic and visualizing positive outcomes, Will says more people would become what they think. He also said a person’s attitude can greatly influence their work, behavior and performance.

“Life is what you chose to make it,” Will said. “You have two options, you can be happy and positive or negative and angry.”

Will, founder and owner of Willco Training & Consulting, is based out of Fort Worth and helps companies and organizations with all of their employee training needs including sales training, supervisory skills and management skills. Wills is also a certified trainer and strategic partner of 360 Solutions.

Sponsors for Friday’s luncheon included the Texas Retired Teachers Association and The Insurance Lady.

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