This is not my first letter to the Brownwood Bulletin. The others were discarded because I was telling the truth about local prejudices, instead of glorified lies.

I was disgusted to read that another woman with horses in Zephyr is being harassed for not feeding and watering her animals.

This same harassment has been inflected on me for the past four years! I suppose that there are some people in Zephyr having nothing better to do than drive around looking for someone to torment threaten, or just plan harass!

I have had deputy after deputy after deputy come to my home to examine my horses and three vet visits costing me $100 per visit! The first deputy cursed me out in the presence of a 11 year old boy helping me!

This constant harassment is uncalled for! Last summer I was attacked at the post office by a strange woman! What is wrong with these people?

Linda Kirkland