I'm sure that you have noticed the great decrease in the price of fuel because of that wonderful additive ethanol. The USDA has asked for permission from the wonderful agency, the EPA, to see that the amount of moonshine in your fuel be increased to 15%. By the way... when you burn this 15% ratio in some new cars, it voids the new car warranty.

You do have options on burning ethanol: you can go to another state or you can drive to Dublin, Texas, to get ethanol-free gas. As far as I know, that is the only ethanol-free gas from Dallas to Abilene.

I contacted Senator Frazier and Rep. Jim Keffer's offices and found out that the fuel quality coordinator in Texas is the same person that is the EGG quality coordinator in Texas. Isn't that quaint.

I encourage all of you to read the outside label of the non-ethanol fuel that you can purchase in some of your automotive parts store. The price of a quart of 94 octane fuel is $6.99 plus tax or $28 a gallon. The particular brand label I looked at read, (brand name) fuel is an ethanol-free fuel formulated for the long-life durability of your 4-cycle small engine (or 2-cycle when mixed with oil). Street gasoline contains ethanol which absorbs moisture, forms deposits and degrades fuel systems, making your equipment difficult, if not impossible, to start.

Finally, I have to ask: why is the U.S. Congress mandating that we damage and destroy engines with regulations that raise feed and food prices that only benefit the corn growers and those associated with that industry?

Don Yoes