On Monday, Nov. 25, Brownwood High School held an induction ceremony for new members of the Eisenhower Chapter of the National Honor Society. Chapter President, Katelyn Murphy, provided a welcome to the special event that took place at the Dorothy McIntosh Fine Arts Center Auditorium at Brownwood High School.

A total of 39 new members were inducted during the ceremony which also featured guest speaker, Dallas Huston, who spoke on the important qualities of leader.

“Go out and change this world,” charged Huston, the well-respected local celebrity, widely known for his distinct radio personality as “The Voice of the Brownwood Lions.”

BHS Chapter Adviser, Telise Murray, introduced the criteria for selection, which was further explained by current BHS National Honor Society officers, Josh Soto (Public Relations), Abby Adams (Treasurer), Faith Bailey (Vice President), and Shelby McKillip (Secretary). The criteria included scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Each new member was presented by name, and as a group they recited the National Honor Society Pledge, before the ceremony came to a close.

New members inducted into the Eisenhower Chapter of the National Honor Society are as follows:

Katherine Bautista, Delaney Bennett, Colt Bertrand, Marissa Blincoe, Taran Cardenas, Addie Castillo, Amanda Collins, Ashton Estes, Alyson Finnigan, Brandon Garcia, Mackey Gibson, Justin Gomez, Nicole Gravitt, Jordan Griffin, Jennifer Hinojosa, Sherlyn Hogue, Abigail Hubbard, Nashota Jo Isbell, Nathan Lacy, Jensen Limer, Lorena Lopez, Constance Meadows, Jennifer Martinez, Carson McAnally, Josie McClung, Maddie Oines, Shannon Parrish, Erika Perez, Darian Philbrick, Cody Richardson, Coraima Rodriguez, Dalton Simmons, Mercedes Sliger, Brady Taylor, Paxton Vaughn, Kayli Waddle, Bailey Watkins, Lindsey Williams and Kalin Young.