A 36-year-old Brownwood man was indicted in connection with the August thefts of 60 bronze vases from Eastlawn Memorial Park.

The November session of the Brown County Grand Jury returned an indictment for theft from a grave against J.R. Pierce, 35th District Court records show.

After the thefts, Early police said they called different scrap yards in the area determined the vases had been sold to a scrap yard in Brady.

Police said the vases had been cut up prior to being sold. The vases were solid bronze — a precious metal — and were cut up but still identifiable, police said.

Other individuals were being sought for questioning, police said then.

The vases, valued at more than $10,000, were stolen from grave sites in the Garden of Devotion area of the cemetery sometime between the late-night hours of Aug. 12 and early morning hours of Aug. 13. In an attempt to hide the theft, flowers were placed in the holes left by the taking of the vases.

In unrelated cases, the grand jury returned an indictment for unauthorized use of a vehicle against a woman who rode with a man in a stolen car as they ate fish and cole slaw from Long John's Silver.

The panel indicted Erica Ordaz, 32, of Sweetwater, who was arrested with her male companion when a trooper stopped their car between Brownwood and Bangs.

The man in the car, Ricky Rodriguez, 23, also of Sweetwater, was indicted last month for unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Trooper Martin Molotsky was searching for the stolen car when he saw it and stopped it.

The 2001 Chrysler belonged to Brownwood residents who had traveled to Abilene on Aug. 17 to shop, Molotsky said. They spent the night at a motel, and when they got up the next morning, their car was gone. Several other vehicles in the area had been burglarized.

A relative of the couple saw the car being driven on Commerce in Brownwood and called 9-1-1. Martin heard the dispatcher put the report out on the radio.     Others indicted were:

April Xylina Brown, forgery.

Samantha Marie Hellinger, possession of a controlled substance.

Joshua Dean Harrell, assault family violence — enhanced.

Courtney Hudson Lockett, evidence tampering.

John Phillip Couch, evading arrest.

Cary Colin Wolf, injury to an elderly individual.

Melinda Kay Crosby, endangering a child.

Kailey Shanice Adams, burglary of a habitation.

Victoria Kathryn Holloway, possession of a controlled substance — drug free zone.

Patricio Seballos, possession of a controlled substance.

Deborah Espitia, possession of a controlled substance.

Ricardo Homero Hurtado, possession of a controlled substance.

Andrew Bradshaw, possession of a controlled substance.

Anthony Aguirre, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Angelina Sophronia Burks, theft — enhanced.

Dustin Wade Marshall, possession of a controlled substance.

Mandy Mae Barker, possession of a controlled substance.

Christopher Paul Benavides, assault family violence — occlusion.

Jason Gilbert Guerrero, assault family violence — occlusion.

Dustin Lee McFarland, possession of a controlled substance.

Jimmy Wayne Goodwin, aggravated assault with deadly weapon.

Rollie Galvan Lopez, evading arrest.