Members of Guardian EMS delivered 70 medical response bags to the law Enforcement Center Wednesday morning for representatives of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, Brownwood Police Department, Bangs Police Department and Lake Patrol to distribute to their officers.

“It’s always good to have a medical response bag in each patrol car,” said Jimmy Trowbridge, business development manager for Guardian EMS. “Along with the medical bags, we will have an educational follow up with each department.”

Earlier in the month, Trowbridge along with Ross Bradley, VP Chief Operations Officer at Guardian EMS, presented each department head from the law enforcement agencies with a medical response bag to promote the new program Guardian EMS launched.

Under the medical response bag program, officers can restock their bags as needed at the central base, which is located on the corner of Fourth Street and Coggin Avenue.

“We’re glad and thankful that they are doing this,” Brownwood Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said. “If you have a situation where an officer is down, minutes count. With the bags, we’ll be prepared to assist before Guardian EMS arrives.”

After attending a meeting, Trowbridge and Fuller were on their way out when they started talking about various topics, which included training opportunities for the officers.

“Fuller asked me if we could do a training with his officers that will help them assist individuals while waiting for first responders to arrive,” Trowbridge said. “We’re always talking about ways to better serve our community.”

From that day, Trowbridge started working on preparing a medical response bag, also called a jump bag, for each patrol car, but the project quickly expanded.

“It went from every patrol car to every Brown County officer,” Trowbridge said. “It was an easy decision to make to expand because it’s an investment in our law enforcement officers and our community.”